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The Public Authority for Youth and Sports is the first sport authority in Kuwait established on the 10th of August, 1992. It aims to watch over the youth 's interests and to foster the appropriate conditions for their blossoming on various levels--physically, morally and artistically. Furthermore, it intends to raise their patriotic awareness through religious, social, physical and cultural nurturing. The Authority also supports the sport activity in Kuwait and works to improve and promote it according to Olympic standards.


1- To propagate the cultural value of Kuwait and promote the country locally and internationally.

2- To train the youth and bring them up in accordance with religious and moral values while at the same time developing sport activities.

3- To prepare the youth's contribution to society in a way that would benefit them, widen their knowledge and cultivate their talents.

4- Improve sport activities and guarantee proper arrangements for sport advancement conforming to the individual's ambitions, all this carried out as part of the government's general policies.

5- Use all resources and capabilities in order to develop the citizen's personality, enhance his loyalty towards his country and increase his patriotic zeal through honest competitions held both locally and internationally.

6- To organize festivities, shows and competitions and arrange prize distributions and other encouragement means both financially and morally.

7- To take interest in researches and studies that would contribute to the development of the youth and raise sport standards to higher levels, while at the same time boosting international contacts in this field.




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